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Lourdes Grivé


The work of this young photographer is in a permanent search of memory through one of the features of which it is made up : ruins.

The value of bringing its beauty into play manages to awaken a nostalgic gaze as well as awareness of the present , at the same time.

This deep reflection into what has been legitimates the position of whoever takes pleasure in transcendental concepts understood as realities and on the other hand, introduces the idea of the inexorable passage of time beyond what is purey material.

The resource of taking photos in black and white adds to the feeling of nostalgia, of a passionate tension that seeks the dramatic encounter of opposites. The idea of beauty is not only built on the recognition of the past, but also on the value of the present, leaving what is yet to come as well as what is yet to occur as an outstanding incognito; Understanding that time is not something that happens but something that happens to us.

Finally, the presence of the young photographer Lourdes Grivé in this final shortlist complies with the intention of bringing into play and appraising the nostalgic glance of a recent past. From Lourdes Grivé´s sensitive and rigorous view of the ruins, interpreted as material vestiges of what existed, we may draw a deep reflection on transformation and its consequences. This is, after all, the position of one who enjoys beauty as a transcendent reality despite the destructive passing of time. Not to mention the dialectics favoured by her black and white rendition; the apparent austerity under which lies a beating, passionate sensuality.

Elena Ruiz.

Temporary exhibition “Finding one´s memory”

Museum Puget. 2007


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